NTC Thermistor

The name thermistor, derived from thermally-sensitive-resistor, was coined to describe a form of resistive device that possesses a large temperaturecoefficient of resistance over an extended temperature range.

NTC thermistor has a negative temperature coefficent that resistance decreases with increasing temperature. NTC thermistor are made from semicondecting materials that usually consists of a sintered ceramic fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes from a miture of oxides chosen from the elements Mn, Ni, Co, Cu and Fe.By varying the composition and the size of the semiconducting elements, resistance values between 100 and 106ohms at room temperature can be achieved.

The fields of NTC thermistor applications are temperature sensing either for the purpose of temperature measurement, temperature control, thermal alarms or for the compensation of changes in circuit resistance brought about by variations in the ambient temperature.