Polyimide Tubing

Highest Heat Resistance

No degradation occurs at 220°C in continuous service or at 400°C for short periods. Safety can hardly be threatened due to its flameless self extinction without emitting any poisonous fumes.

Thinner Wall Thickness

A minimum inside thickness of 0.05mm is available, and wall thickness of 0.013mm is producible due to its high tensile strength. Compact, delicate wiring in electronics or other instruments can be laid out, without concerns over space.

General Versatility

Polyimide resin is outstanding in adhesion and remains unaffected in chemicals (except alkalls) or radiation. Consequently, new utilities can be offered in chemical or nuclear plant.

Easy Installation

Unitary polyimide tubing, being drag free and fairly rigid, allows easy feeding of wire through the inside. Moreover, soldering work is easy, facilitting volume production through outstanding thermal reistance.